The Acts of an Infinite God Must Also be Infinite

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Reason tells us that God, being infinite in wisdom, understanding, and power would have no end in His ability to act, but also in His activities (an infinite God must have infinite projects)! It is therefore natural and necessary for God to do all things for Himself (Proverbs 16:4). Of all the properties of God’s nature there are none more excellent than His divine goodness, loveliness, and beauty, which are expressed by His grace, long-suffering, patience and love. Therefore, it follows that God requires in us, His children, this same nature of goodness, mercy, and like attributes.
Consider the following written by the great John Owen. “All agree that the glory of God is the utmost and supreme end that he intends in all his decrees. Although they are free acts of his will and wisdom, yet, on the supposition of them, it is absolutely necessary, from the perfection of his being, that he himself or his glory be their utmost end. His absolute all-sufficiency will not allow that he can in them have any other end. Accordingly, in pursuit of them he makes all for himself and they serve to declare and make known the perfection of his nature (Psalms 19:1 and Romans 1:20-21). And it is his glory, in the way of justice and mercy, which he ultimately intends in his decrees concerning the salvation of man by Jesus Christ” (An Exposition of Hebrews, V-1, pg. 30; emphasis added).

Christ was not ordained unto the grace of union [with mankind] before and without the consideration of glory and exaltation.
After His suffering, Christ was to enter into his glory (Luke 24:26). Thus, His very suffering was for His glory. God, in the creation of all things, intended to manifest His nature in its being, existence, and essential properties, and therein to satisfy His wisdom and goodness. (See Isaiah 40:12-17).

All creation (the things God made) had in their nature and order such an impress of divine wisdom, goodness, and power upon them, as to make manifest the original cause from whence they did proceed. “Wherefore the visible works of God (man only excepted), were designed for no other purpose or end but to declare in general the nature, being, and existence of God” (Owen, Hebrews, V-1, pg. 43).

Thus, God’s very creation declares His existence.
God did not create man for man’s own pleasure. He created man to be an object upon
which He could manifest His great attributes of goodness, love, and grace. God’s love
could never be manifest in His creation without an object upon which to manifest these
attributes. God’s grace (His unmerited favor) could not be known unless there was an
object in need of unmerited favor.


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