Romans: A Treatise

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romans_titleWhile writing this work on the Letters of Paul to the Seven Churches (with the burden of a study of Romans) I often wished I could know the type of people who would read the book. Several times my advisors ask me “what audience are you targeting with this work?” I could never be quite sure! I had in mind certain groups of people I ministered to in my fifty plus years of ministry while visiting some forty countries as I was writing on certain subjects.

Then I had other groups and individuals in mind as I wrote on other subjects from the prolific Romans. When the work was finished and I proof read it the last time before printing I knew many would not read the book because of the study and effort required to benefit from its contents. So I have a paradox. I envision people who won’t read the book but would benefit from reading it and at the same time I realize many will read it who I have not envisioned.

Paul surely did not envision only the Roman people when he wrote the letter bearing their name. Many Romans never read the book but those afar off did! However multitudes past have not read Paul’s treatise to the Romans. The present Church must not make this mistake. The church must study Romans more than in the past because of the assault of the Devil on its divine truths.

Who then will read this work? I leave that in the hands of the Lord. I write the book to “whosoever will” so that “him that is thirsty may come.” To those who do read I ask you to be not weary with my repetition. Many times I repeat! Especially about salvation, grace, faith, election and Kingdom principles and truths. So did the Apostle Paul. (Paul mentioned faith 150+ times, grace 100+ times, righteousness 60+ times and salvation 20+ in his letters. A total of 330 times). [Paul mentioned the above in Romans respectively 35 times, 22 times, 38 times and 4 times] My purpose is to present the doctrines of the Church Letters (and their importance with emphasis on Romans) in such strength that all who truly search for God’s ways will find it by approaching truths in all the ways God has presented them in His Holy Word.

Therefore I urge all who are reading this introduction to slowly read the book without becoming “weary in well doing.” The first half of this book is admittedly redundant so that I may prove in the last half of the book (through conformation of Scripture) the divine authority of the subjects found in the book of Romans. Free grace cannot by overemphasized. Faith required must be established. Righteousness rendered must be revealed and justification publicly proclaimed must receive witness.

To all things there is a matter and a manner said a great man. The matter could be said to be the noun and the manner the verb. The matter is the infrastructure and the manner is the operation or administration of the entity. You will find that the matter and manner of salvation is revealed in Romans and only in Romans.

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