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NOTE: FORENSIC IS TO MAKE EVERY SINGLE THING PUBLIC. If a single item or jot or tittle, a word or event is hid it is not forensic.
Conspirators gather a number of facts* that seem to prove the guilt of the people targeted for slavery and destruction.
Note: There is a great difference between facts and truth. In short, the TRUTH IS FORENSIC WHILE FACTS ARE NOT. (Forensic means, making every item of the situation public. No cover up). Truth triumphs when there is no cover up. Freedom is the results of truth. Truth, and only truth, makes freedom. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall MAKE you free” (John 8:32). The English word “make” in this verse is from the Greek word eleutheros, which means to liberate. But the root of this word is more revealing. It is eleutheria. It means unrestrained (to go at pleasure), i.e. (as a citizen) not a slave (whether freeborn or manumitted) [released from slavery] (SC-1658-1659). A free man or woman!
*Facts (per se) is a piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article (Webster and others). Something that is known to have happened or known to exist. Notice: Facts require only a “piece” of the information, whereas truth requires all the information. Example: Two men bought a cow, agreeing each owned half of the cow. They agreed to keep it at one of the men’s farm. When the partner went to the farm the next day to milk, the first man said you have no right. Why, ask the second man I own half! The first man said, “You sure do,” but when I agreed to half and half I meant I take the back half and you take the front half! The second man had to feed the cow and the first man got the milk. This fact was hid. The agreement was not forensic!
Conspiracies are like that. They never tell you that you get to feed the head while they get the milk.
Conspiracies publicly embarrass the accused by the lying facts until their person and policy is rejected by their own people and friends.
Most important of all, we must learn the most dangerous tactic a conspirator uses. Let the Bible tell us what it is. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Matthew 7:15).
As we discovered in the case of Eve, the facts were, Adam told Eve if she ate of the fruit she WOULD die. Conversely, the Devil told her she WOULD NOT die if she ate of the fruit. She ate and DID NOT die (the truth being covered up that God was talking about spiritual [and, in time natural] death What the devil told her was a fact, but was it the truth? NO. Actually, Adam and Eve were not born to die. But sin changed that. The very hour Eve ate of the fruit, spiritual death occurred and natural death has invaded the centuries ever since. It just took a matter of time and Eve did die physically.
Conclusion: Three things are fact. Adam told Eve she would die if she ate of the fruit. The Devil told Eve she would not die if she ate of the fruit. Eve ate of the fruit and did not die. So, according to her observation Adam had not been truthful with her.
With these fragmented facts in mind, Eve made the greatest mistake in history. True, these were the facts but they were not forensic.
Eve had to make a choice. She made the wrong one. She could believe Adam and walk away from the Devil, or, she could believe the Devil and eat of the fruit of the tree. Adam had told her she would die if she ate the fruit, then after she had eaten of the fruit she did not die. Perhaps in her mind that was proof that the Devil was the one who was telling the truth. The Devil told her she would not die if she ate, she ate and did not die.
Adam enjoyed a personal relationship with God (talking to him face to face). Eve learned from Adam that a divine being had created all things. She learned that the creator, God, had endowed Adam with certain unalienable [see below the far reaching power of this word] responsibilities. In keeping with this, Adam told her that God had said they could eat of all the fruits of the garden except the tree in its midst, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, warning Eve that if she should eat the fruit of that tree she would surely die. Again, Adam and Eve were made to live forever. No death in all of creation when God made them. “By man came sin, and by sin came death” (Romans 5:12).
There are conspiracies aplenty happening now! The Devil is pursuing a six thousand year old conspiracy to destroy the Church. The “hounds of hell” are walking to and fro seeking whom they may devour. Politicians are conspiring against one another. Nations are conspiring against nation. The have not’s are conspiring against the haves. Perhaps it is true…
“Hell has no furyee greater than a religious conspiracccy.”
A conspiracy against America? Don’t ask the college clone, ask Isis. Don’t ask the United Nations, ask the Islamic Nations. Don’t ask Obama, ask Iran’s president. Ask the families at Orlando-New York City-Bali-Oslo-London-Madrid-Boston-Paris-Beirut-Israel-Iraq-Lockerbie Scotland, Oklahoma City-Benghazi-San Bernardino, and the list goes on and on…
If America’s fight IS against a conspiracy, and our solution is to… Disarm the American citizenry, open our borders and invite any and all to come in, Lie about why terrorist killed America’s Ambassador in Benghazi (incredibly insisting they didn’t really plan to but just “flew off the handle” and spontaneously started killing people because their feelings were hurt over a video insulting Mohamed). Take the American flag out of our schools because it might make the children of our enemies uncomfortable, forbid public school children to pray, lock up in Cuba blood-thirsty mass killers, drive our country into bankruptcy, give thirty-five billion dollars in aid to 140 countries (Egypt 1.5 Billion, Afghanistan 1.1 Billion, Jordan I Billion, Pakistan 933 Million etc., guns are responsible for mass murders, guns create criminal minds in otherwise good people, destroy the credit-rating of the United States, spend millions of dollars on shovel-ready jobs when there were/are no such jobs, elect a President that tells our military they are unpatriotic.
I ask, has the world gone mad!
If the above policies continue in America they will have tragic consequences.
Like Eve, all Americans will make a decision. “So then every one of us shall give an account of himself to God” (Romans 14:12).
(The word unalienable: Briefly, when this word was used in our nation’s Bill Of Rights, it was to convey the thought of unlimited and perpetual duty (did I say Duty?), Yes I did. DUTY. Not unlimited privilege). Research it forensically and become Americans!
Below is a little research on Adam’s charge from God:
Subdue: “kabash.” (Sc-3533). To conquer and subjugate. To keep under subjection.
Replenish: Meaning, Authority over, and responsibility of, the life of people (SC-4390).
There is an incredible but revealing note in the Strong’s Concordance that sheds volumes of light on this word replenish.
If you look up the word “replenish” in the Strong’s it will direct you to the index number SC-4390 in the Hebrew Dictionary.
If you look up the word “presume” in the same Dictionary, as found in the Book of Esther 7:5, it will also direct you to SC-4390.
The incredible thing is, when you are looking up “replenish,” and go to the index SC-4390 it says “male” or “mala” then adds Esther 7:5. What we learn from this association of words is a working example of what God charged Adam with as he commanded him to REPLENISH the earth. The Hebrew word simply means “Take full control of.” But there are different levels of “take control.” You cannot know what level God requires unless you have a working example. We find this level in the Book of Esther.
Adam was made “Federal Head” of the human race and administrator of that race by none other than God.
Adam was to take command of the earth with the same authority that the evil Haman proposed to do so long ago in Old Persia during the days of Queen Esther. (Esther Chapter Three). A federal head of government appointed by the King exercising unlimited power to prevent rebellion and the loss of that government by conspiracy. Continued in the next posting.
Dr. Haskell Rycroft, First posted June 28, 2016

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